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Black Ops 2 - Point Allocation System
Admin 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Jul 2012
The originial article can be found here

Activision’s “Call of Duty” is the best selling franchise in video game industry history. It comes as no surprise that any bit of information regarding the latest installment of the series is considered “big news.” It’s just our luck that this week happens to be E3 and information on the latest Call of Duty title is abundant.

Multiplayer has always been the shining star of “Call of Duty” franchise. The single player has always delivered the goods, but the nonstop re-playability of the multiplayer is what made it the multi-billion dollar franchise that it is today. The problem that the series faces lately is its inability to innovate; with E3 we have discovered a new rumor that suggests all of this has changed.

Ever since “Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare”, the multiplayer has always focused on a three tier “perk” load out. Each tier would have a set amount of perks that relatively countered each other. Players could create “classes” focused on stealth style game play or an all out rushing style class. To compliment these perks, kill streaks were set based on how long you went with out dying. On top of these “load outs” players always got a primary and secondary weapon plus some form of equipment: lethal grenade and tactical grenade.

With “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” Treyarch plans to change all of that. The three tier system has been replaced with a 10 point allocation system. Guns, attachments, equipment and perks will not all take up allocation points. For example, you could allocate all your points toward starting out with 2 primary weapons, or you could allocate no points to weapons and start out with a standard knife, get a kill, and steal a gun. The allocated points not used on any weapons would allow you to use them toward a select amount of perks.

This is an interesting take on the series and it will put many fans into culture shock. I’m excited for it as the series has run stale, considering “Modern Warfare 3” was an abortion of a game that has been broken since day one. I can’t help but wonder if Treyarch will include a “classic” style game mode on the side in order to keep players that are unable to cope happy. Either way, with more gameplay being shown this Monday on the “Jimmy Fallon” show, we will hopefully see some direction or insight into Black Ops 2’s multiplayer and more importantly, this rumor.

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