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Halo 4 will have even more assassination
Admin 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Jul 2012
The original Article can be found here

343 Industries hosted a panel at Comic-Con to discuss some of the multiplayer details in Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 and some of the information naturally made its way out to the internet. We've got nuggets on levels, specializations, mode specific assassinations and more.

One of those individuals lucky enough to attend the Halo 4: A New Campaign and Halo Infinity Multiplayer panel posted some of the information about the Halo 4 multiplayer over at NeoGAF.

343 Industries is taking an RPG approach to the Halo 4 Infinity Multiplayer experience to allow gamers to customize their character to fit whatever different style of play they prefer. As players progress through the levels, they'll unlock armor modifications and emblems. The special edition of Halo 4 will allow early access to some of these.

Once players reach the level cap for their player, they can re-enlist into difference specializations such as sniper, gunner, etc.

Many of the classic multiplayer modes have been altered for Halo 4. We've already covered how Team Slayer is now Infinity Slayer but there's also Regicide which introduces a new twist on Free For All with one player in the role of the King and all the others trying to kill him. Another possibly controversial change is that the flag carrier in Capture the Flag can now use his his pistol. 343 Industries Creative Director Frank O'Connor responded to complaints on the NeoGAF forum by saying, "Flag pistol is about feeling a shade less helpless. In reality it won't be a good idea to engage, even in a team situation but you'll feel more empowered for the run."

Assassinations have received a makeover in Halo 4 as there are now mode and context specific assassinations. For example, the flag carrier in Capture the Flag will knock players down and stab the flag through the enemies head or chest. Meanwhile in Oddball, the ball carrier will deliver an uppercut with the ball. Oddly, players will disintegrate after being assassinated.

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