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Halo 4 Matchmaking
Admin 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Jul 2012
The original article can be found here

We love when game developers engage with the community online because they typically provide interesting insights into the minds of studios that you don't really see in press releases and official interviews. In Halo 4's case, 343 Industries Franchise Director Frank O'Connor responded to a fan's concern on Saturday about matchmaking in the upcoming Xbox 360 title by using a wedding DJ as a metaphor.

O'Connor posted the following at the NeoGAF forums as he tried to artfully and humorously explain 343 Industries approach to coming up with the matchmaking playlists for Halo 4.

Matchmaking is like being a DJ at a Wedding - you can hook people with the old crowd pleasers - Team Slayer, Bon Jovi - but there are lots of different people at a wedding. Old people, young people, cool people, buttrock fans. A great DJ will pick a playlist that has something for everyone, but adapts to the audience. He or she will start pulling tracks out of his boxes that he thinks the audience is going to like - and when they do, they dance. They have fun. Everyone is happy.

Every now and then he or she will accidentally put in a Macarena or Who Let the Dogs Out, and only Granny Wu will still be dancing, but even she deserves one turn on the floor. Some of the people at the party will simply plug in their headphones and sit at their own table, head bobbing to MLG, or some other new outfit. But a great DJ, a truly influential and amazing DJ, will introduce the audience to a track they all love, and that they'll be humming for years.

When our DJs show up at this particular wedding, for the first dance, they'll have a small box of records. Ones they know will work, more or less, and keep people dancing. Adapting to the crowd, growing the selection slowly but keeping it tight, focused, good, that's the hard part. These are new DJs and they have a couple of new tracks.

Drop the mic. Halo 4 lands on retail shelves on November 6.

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